How to Earn More

As a consignor you have the option to put in time during the event to help in exchange for a higher percentage.

We need people to help set up racks/shelving, check-in items, work on the floor during the sale, stand at the door, work check out, help customers, coordinate charity donations and other key responsibilities. There is something for everyone!

You DO have to be a registered consignor to help us run the event!

Benefits for Consignors Who Help at the Event

  • Consignors who help receive an increased sales percentage.

    • 12 hours receive 75% (pay us a 25% commission)
    • 8 hours receive 75% (pay us a 25% commission)
    • 4 hours receive 65% (pay us a 35% commission)
    • 0 hours receive base rate of 60% (pay us a 40% commission)
  • When you help you shop the sale first!

    • 12 hours at 12 pm
    • 8 hours at 1pm
    • 4 hours at 2pm
  • When you help at the your sale you help to make it the best it can be which will result in higher sales for everyone.

Our Agreement

Kidzsignments pays consignors who help a bonus for their time. If you sign up, we are counting on you to follow through.In the event you do not fulfill their obligation, or find a comparable replacement, you risk losing the option of participating at future events. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality sale. Click HERE to view and complete agreement.

BEST DEAL! –  12-hours and be the FIRST to shop at noon at the Wednesday presale! (if you want to participate, register for 3 shifts) .

Available Times

 Fall Sale - Oct 3-5, 2019

Spring TBD 2019

coming soon!
coming soon!